A short introduction to our platform, The Beauty Diva and ourselves, Monika and Sophia.

The name “The Beauty Diva” actually stems in a childhood memory. Monika and I (Sophia) participated in a high school competition, where we had to present our passion project. Both having a profound interest in the wonders of makeup, we decided to make a booth titled “The Beauty Diva”. Back then, we experienced a certain stigma of people using makeup and cosmetics, and therefore we decided to change this perception. It was not until years later that we decided to make our own forum. In 2015, we decided to create an online version of The Beauty Diva, and thereby be able to share our knowledge and ensure makeup and cosmetics would be appreciated for what it is – a thing of expression.

We hope The Beauty Diva will help you answer questions and guide you through the complicated world of makeup and cosmetics.

The Beauty Divas,