It is a huge difference in price between an optician and an online store when buying prescription glasses. This is why many people go online. After using Google I found some common arguments on why people should not buy glasses online, but rather go to an optician.

Argument 1: “What if the glasses are broken when they are delivered?”

This might be a problem that you are aware of. After waiting for two months in order to receive your glasses, you open the box just to find a pair of broken glasses inside. What do you do? To ship those glasses back to the manufacturer and wait for a new pair will not only take a lot of time, but it will also be expensive.

Online stores do charge a lot for shipping back your products nowadays, which I find a bit strange. However, is one of the few stores that I have used that will not charge you if you send them back.

It is not uncommon to see several months return policy, so-called “satisfaction guaranteed”, in addition to the same product warranty that you get in regular stores. Often you can, if you are not satisfied with what you receive, or if the glasses do not match your expectations, send them back and get your money back!

Argument 2: “What if the frame does not fit?”

Of course this is easiest if one is in a physical store with a certain range. The selection online is often better than in physical store, but it’s hard to know what suits your face shape.
Do you have a favorite frame from before, or have tried different frames in store, this problem is solved.

You can easily go to an optician, write down the model name, go online and shop it – a lot of people are doing that these days. It is a bit cynical, but who cares? In the end it’s about you saving money when buying prescription glasses.

Some online eyeglass stores also offer virtual eyeglass testing if you have a webcam. How well this works we are uncertain, but it may be a solution if you do not take the trouble of going to a physical store first.

Argument 3: “How can I know whether or not the glasses are real?”

Buying prescription glasses from a legitimate online store is not a problem. These will always sell you high-quality products and genuine brands. However, there are some really bad online stores out there that you need to stay away from.

You should always try to do a Google search and check out reviews before making a purchase online.