Have you considered buying glasses online? Maybe you’ve already done it?

It is tempting to do so, since prices may be lower than your local optician. But now warns the British consumer magazine Which? against this practice. A recent study showed that more than 70 % of all glasses sold worldwide was sold online. 70 %. That is a lot of glasses.

They performed a test of different cheap glasses they had purchased online and got experts to control them. The result? Half of the glasses were not approved.

Bad glasses can give you headache, disrupt your visual image and might, in some extreme cases, worsen your eyesight.

Go to an optician

It will always be safer to go to an optician when you buy prescription glasses. This is the safest option. In addition to that, you can also check your vision when you visit this optician.

Every two years is a rule of thumb, but make an appointment if you think you notice that your vision has changed. Your optician will find out just what kind of glasses you need.

What do you do with the old glasses? Do not leave them in the drawer or throw them – give them to someone who needs them!