Are you worried about whether or not you should buy cheap trendy sunglasses despite the fact that discounts you could get are inviting? Are you one of those people who agree that something is worth having sunglasses if you have shelled out a big amount of money for it? It’s hard to agree with which you are not satisfied with the desirability of discount trendy sunglasses considering how expensive luxury items have come recently. In fact, these accessories are costly so high nowadays that it’s becoming tough for people to indulge in their love for eyewear!

The dilemma

Last time I was going to buy a couple of new sunnies I could choose between the following alternatives:

1. Cheap Wayfarer sunglasses that cost around 20 $.
2. Ray-Ban or Tom Ford Wayfarers that cost around 250 $.

They look the same. They will (probably) give the same impression to people around me. So…which one did I got for (the answer lays in the bottom of the article 😉 ).

(Expensive) sunglasses protect your eyes

Sunglasses are worn to provide protection to the eyes. Frequently the scorching sun especial during the afternoons apart being very sizzling also emits harmful ultraviolet rays, which are very dangerous and could cause damage to the eyes. To guard the eyes against these harmful rays it is essential that you provide proper protection by wearing a good pair of protective sunglasses. The darkened lens of the sunglasses protects the eyes and prevents the sun and its sharp rays to reach the eyes.

Ask yourself: do you actually care about UV protection when you buy sunglasses or do you mainly care about looking cool? I believe that people between 15 and 25 years old might feel a bit guilty answering that question…

Sunglasses are essential accessory. There are a variety of sunglasses available in the market. Trendy and branded sunglasses are incredibly priced and are less costly. This means that a limited amount of people will buy them compared to cheaper non-branded eyewear.

There are also a lot of cheap sunglasses, which are available in the market. These sunglasses are less costly and can be purchased at very low prices and get the same protection and benefits of branded sunglasses. Such cheap sunglasses are so popular amongst people that they can buy more than one pair of various shapes and designs to fit their face shape.

Lost and found at a beach party..?

Cheap sunglasses are simple to maintain and may be changed easily if broken, while branded ones are very costly, they can also be very expensive to maintain, if broken, to replace the lens or frame might be very high-priced. So clearly it is ideal that you choose some cheap trendy sunglasses if you are that kind of person who go to some beach party and gets drunk while the sunglasses are hanging from your sweaty shirt.

A cheap pair of eyewear doesn’t mean that we suggest ones which can be substandard. Inferior products instead of providing you protection can also turn out to be dangerous to the eyes, so it is necessary that you pick out the ones that are quality managed but affordable.

When searching for sunglasses, no matter where you look, there is always one important element to consider. Pick out sunglasses that fit the face shape. That is, they should fit your face, your style, and your budget. Before you spend a week’s paycheck on a pair of sunglasses, you would possibly need to consider their use. If it’s a trendy style that is guaranteed to go out in five minutes, head to the kiosk for some knock-offs. If you are planning to wear them somewhere, they’ll be easily misplaced, like the lake or camping, choose the much less expensive. The last thing you need to be doing is playing diving-for-sunglasses at the same time as everyone is having fun.

Answer to my dilemma

Well, I actually went for the Ray-Ban ones. And I found out that it is exactly the same people that criticize a Ray-Ban purchase that criticize a MacBook purchase.

The arguments are the same:

You are paying so much for the brand. Monica, you know that these glasses are not worth that much? Ray-Ban Corporation laugh at people like you.

You know what? I am dead happy that I bought Ray-Ban sunglasses. Not only do they look, feel (and smell) excellent – but they also come with a 2 year warranty from the online shop where I bought them.

These are almost similar to the ones I bought – and the feeling of using them outside in the hot sun is simply extraordinary.

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