Eyeglasses.com sell….eyeglasses. I mean, we are used to find a wide range of different products on a website selling eyewear (contact lenses, color lenses, sunglasses, etc.), but this web shop is all about these glasses.

And it’s amazing. Browsing through all the frames and prescription lenses available makes you feel that you are in some kind of a wonderland – EVERYTHING is available. The best thing of all? It’s cheap (and yes, you can get free shipping in USA and Canada).

Product range

Eyeglasses.com got it all. Ugly pink glasses with extremely thick RX lenses? No problem. Fancy, cheap wayfarer sunglasses that would make EVERYONE look fabulous? Got it!

I mean, this web shop got so many options that it is so difficult finding something that we really would like. That being said, Eyeglasses.com is not a web shop that focus on selling top brands. The focus is solely on providing “cheap eyewear for everyone”, which is why their category section looks like this:

As you can see, they do not divide the sunglasses into “Top Brands 2017”, “Tom Ford new collection” or “Hot Ray-Ban glasses”, but choose to make it simple and clean:

1. Glasses for men.
2. Glasses for women.
3. Round glasses.
4. Most popular.
5. Retro.
6. Vintage.

And so on.


With the slogan “Our vision is service”, we really felt that we could not try to buy from Eyeglasses.com without getting in touch with their customer service department. Just to see how seriously they actually take their service, we sent them an e-mail simply saying that:

“Hello, we really want these glasses, but I can see that you don’t have them in green. Is it possible to order or do you know any similar frames that I could purchase?”

They replied within an hour. Within an hour(!). That is amazing. However, they did (of course) not have the frames in green, but that was not a shock. In the e-mail they did provide some tips on other (green) products that we could rather purchase and that would look more or less the same as the one we sent.

In other words: their vision is their service. And they do it very well.


The price level is one of the top concerns when people buying prescription glasses or sunglasses online. Most of the eyewear on Eyeglasses.com cost between 100 and 200 USD $ – excluded the RX lenses. Some of the glasses come with free lenses, but you would need to spend that extra lens cost if you want lenses with designer glasses.

(You can easily see how many products that are priced between 100 and 200 USD)

In other words: you can get glasses in any shapes, sizes and price levels on this website. They really got something for everyone.

Shipping time

Due to the fact that I live in cold Scandinavia, I needed to get my sister to make the “test purchase”. She ordered a product that was in stock and got it delivered in Washington D.C. after two days.

Very nice and efficient.

Overall rating

Eyeglasses.com is a good shop. However, it is a shop made mainly for people that are living in US or Canada.