Do you want to find out how you’ll look with blue, new or amethyst eyes? However, you have heard that color lenses might possibly be dangerous? Here we will discuss how the color lens can affect the health of the eyes, and provide you simple suggestions to follow so your color lenses never give you any problems.

There are some reasons why color lens causes eye problems and are easily avoidable. The first reason is buying a color lens of inferior quality without an optician prescription, and the second is not caring properly for the color lenses.

Discounted color lenses..? Please no!

Sometimes you see the color lens in beauty salons and even in flea markets! You should never purchase your lenses in these stores. The color lens isn’t fashion jewelry: most are very dangerous, so the lenses must be well manufactured, to avoid direct contact between the color and the sensitive surface of the eye. Most color lenses sold without an optician prescription fail to fulfill these necessities. They might appear good and less expensive than brand-name color lenses, but they are dangerous for the eyes.

On account that the second common cause of eye infections from wearing color lenses is not caring about them properly, you should always follow an optician instructions about caring for lenses.

Color contact lenses precaution rules

If you follow these simple rules, your lenses will be no threat to the health of your eyes.

  1. Obtain an eye fixed optician’s prescription before ordering your color lens. Even if you don’t need vision correction, you need an eye optician to select the lenses that would be perfect for you
  2. It is inexpensive to order your color lens online than buying them from your optician, however, make sure that you order from a reputable color glass store.
  3. Do not wear your color lens continuously for too long. Most color lens block the waft of oxygen on your eyes. This is usually not a problem, although, if you put on your lenses handiest for 6-7 hours at a stretch, but any further than that could be dangerous.
  4. Never sleep putting on your lenses – this is the most hazardous part you can do, concerning eye health. If your eyes don’t receive sufficient oxygen for days on end, then you are guaranteed to go through infection of the corneas. A few color lenses, like Acuvue 2 Colors, are permitted to wear for up to 7 days straight. However, many eye opticians agree that it’s better now not to risk your eyes even with the best quality color lenses.
  5. Do not swim or shower putting on your color lenses. Firstly, it is very easy to lose a lens in the water. Secondly, whenever water gets into your eyes, it creates favorable conditions for microorganism, putting you at a bad infection risk.


Color lenses are exciting. As the saying goes, “The eyes are the light of the soul“, and it’s remarkable how a lot different eye colors can transform your appearance. Caring for your color lenses is not tough work – those who wear color lens daily report that it takes them less than a minute to clean the lenses and positioned them in – so you should always follow the protection guidelines. If you do, then color lenses will bring you only joy, with no troubles.