I am a part of a huge makeup group on Facebook where we discuss a lot of topics. One of them was related to perfume. Someone asked: “Is it possible to make your own perfume at home?“.

I had to admit, even though I have been working with perfumes for more than a decade, I potion-575711_960_720have never thought of making my own perfume before. I mean; why would I? I get 30 % discount in the shop I am currently employed at.

I only tried me in my teens to boil rose petals in water to make homemade rosewater. But the “perfume” that came out of it was actually horrible. Another solution is to order a lot of essential oils online and mix these with a neutral oil.

Good luck, I think it sounds tempting to create your very own favorite fragrance – I just have to admit that I don´t have the patience myself.

PS! I have seen that people in UK and US do sometimes arrange some sort of “make your own perfume” courses in huge cities such as London and L.A. If you live in a huge international city, you might be lucky enough to live nearby one of those courses.

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