I am personally a huge fan of TV and movies. It has gotten to that point where I almost celebrate a rainy Saturday or Sunday – just to confirm with myself that I am “allowed” to lay in bed watching my TV screen all day. Well..I know. I sound like a lazy woman trying to justify the need of very relaxed weekends.

But then again: I don´t care. I do what I want with my own life.

TV knowledge – useful knowledge?

You know when you play Trivia or other quiz-based board games and you constantly hope that your question will be “TV/Music/drama” related? I am that kind of girl. My general knowledge level might not be the highest in my family, but MY GOSH I´m good at answering questions to things such as “who won Oscar for best male actor in 2001?” etc.

Does that make me stupid? I don´t know. But again: I don´t care either.

If you are interested in learning more about TV and movies, I will really recommend you to visit websites such as Screen Rant and Running Lip. These two websites are great sources to a lot of entertainment information.

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