If you want to build a strong and fit body, it is extremely important that you get enough protein. And let´s face it once and for all: most of us won´t get a decent amount of proteins through our meals every day.

There are a lot of articles online discussing protein powder and whether it is necessary or not. “Protein Powder is a waste of money” and “protein powder is dangerous” are headlines and quotes you can read in several discussion forums and in some popular online newspapers. You will (unfortunately) also find articles named “Protein powder makes you stronger” and “You don´t need regular food when drinking protein shakes!”.

They are all wrong.

Protein Powder is neither dangerous or magical. Protein powder is the most popular dietary supplement for those who want to get the most out of their fitness activities. During the last 15-20 years it has been an increased focus on protein and protein rich food. Some believe this is due to the growing interest of fitness competitions all over the world, but proteins is a necessary nutrient whether you exercise or not, and there are several benefits regardless of training by eating food with a lot of proteins. Proteins have many vital functions in the body such as to build, maintain and restore muscle mass, transport substances around the body and to be neurotransmitters to name a few. In addition, protein helps to contribute to a stable blood sugar as well as a better and longer-lasting satiety.

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