Sunglasses are a staple accent for each outfit. Men, ladies, kids all love to improve their attire and nature with the fitting pair of eye wears. Sunglasses are not only a style accent but also function as a remarkable protection to eyes from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Few people think of sunglasses as something that will actually improve or take care of your eye health, but you would be surprised when you find out how much of an asset it really is to protect your eyes.

(You can read more about this topic here if you want (external link)…but for those that just accepts the fact that sunglasses keep your eyes healthy and want to know more about head shapes and sunglasses, please continue reading…)

Nowadays, wide ranges of eye wears are available – and there is very likely that you will find something that fits your preferences. From polarized sunglasses to clip on, designer to replica sunglasses, it is easy for men to pick the right pair of glares that suits his face shape.

Have you ever gone into a shop selling sunglasses and thought: “You know what? None of these sunglasses would fit me!“. No? That´s what I thought.

You have to know that there are some sunglasses for everyone out there, but you need to make sure that the sunglasses you buy will fit your head shape and face.

Always consider your face shape

You will always find some sunglasses that fit your face shape.

Before making the purchase of any eyewear, the first consideration is the shape of the face. Each frame would not make the appearance perfect on all faces. So pick one that fits your face shape and face size as well. Whether you’re about to make an order for sunglasses, do not forget to pick out eyewear with a shade that fits your face shape.

There are three points to be kept in mind while selecting right eyewear shade according to the form of the face. First of all, the shade should contrast with face shape. Secondly, it should be in scale with face size and thirdly, eyewear ought to repeat men perfect feature like blue shade to fit blue eyes.

To get an excellent pair of sunglasses you just need to decide your face shape and eyewear shade patterns that would look first-class on you. Based on various shapes and angles, there are different types of face shapes, which may be difficult to understand. Here is a simplified manner to make out what kind of face shape you have and type of sunglasses that will fit your personality.

Square Face Shape

It is probably one of the most common forms of face shape for men. You’ll have strong

Square head. Screenshot: Youtube

features with a prominent jawline and large jawbones.

You’ll want to keep away sunglasses with sharp outlines or significant element as your features already stand out and should be embraced!

You can also very often see that some web shops will give you some advices to what products you should buy if you got a square head. This is not just advertisement and spam – you should listen very carefully to these tips.

Round Face Shape

Screenshot from Youtube.

If you have a round face, you’ll want to give yourself greater definition and choose shades that will contrast with the circular shape of your face.

Keep away from round sunglasses as they’ll make the form of the face look round and also pick a pair of sunglasses with rectangular shades to shape your face.

I would definitely choose a normal Wayfarer from Ray-Ban if I had a round face.

Diamond Face Shape

If you have a diamond shape face, you’ll have a defined jaw, with the broadest area of your face being across your jawbones. You may choose retro, rectangular styles but attempt to keep away from shades which are straight across, and an alternative goes for a more oval shade to soften the bottom shape of your face.

Triangle Face Shape

Men with triangular faces may have a more pronounced jaw or sharp angular jawline with a smaller forehead. Top-heavy shades like the cat eye or wayfarer styles work perfectly for this type of face shape as they draw interest towards the upper part of the face.

Admittedly, these hints will help you pick out the best sunglasses with perfect kind of shade. But keep in mind that these hints are just guidelines. There are numerous dramatic designer sunglasses collections that you’ll like to own at first spot.

Lastly I can add a video uploaded on YouTube by a woman that calls herself “Asian Beauty Secrets”. The video was made for women, but it can be used for men to understand what kind of glasses they should go for based on their head:

Please pay close attention to everything that is being said in this four minutes long video.