Being a regular shopper of many different beauty products, I am aware of how expensive it can get to buy makeup. From trending styles in eye-shadows to high-end hair care products, these choices don’t always prove to be cheap. Honestly, I do not know how many hundreds of dollars that I spend on makeup every year, but I just know that it is a number that I really don`t want to know… (I guess I am not alone on that one..?) 😉 .

In such situations, your best option is to check out the discount beauty websites , which are websites that sell makeup products to a heavily discounted price. These websites are known for having cult favorite items to discontinued makeup collections. There’s no need of spending hours on arguing their price at a departmental store when you can easily avail these products online for less. Sounds like a dream coming true, doesn’t it?

The beauty to these websites is that their stock includes a wide range of different products (which you won’t find at a store). No matter what you’re willing to buy, you’re probably going to find it without ever having to leave that website. In addition to that, most websites usually prefer to post regular deals on certain products, either to sell out their stock fast or for increasing their customer base. You can also check out the reviews of each product, which is an additional benefit. That being said, you still need to be careful of some dark corners of the internet, where the online store operators are always ready to rip you off by selling bogus products. A simple solution to this problem is to spend few extra minutes on verifying the authenticity of the website before you click the checkout button.
If you’re excited about the possibility of latest and inexpensive beauty products, check out my favorite discount beauty websites that you need to know.

Always check Trustpilot or other “Review websites

What I always do before I buy makeup online is to check reviews on Trustpilot or any other “proper” website before buying anything. Here at TheBeautyDiva we always try to review every website that we recommend to our readers – simply because we do believe that this is the best way to gain trust and show that we actually care of our readers.

Examples on any “beauty discount websites”?

Oh yes. A lot.

Here are three of our favorites listed.

1. Rue La La

This is one of the best beauty website if you’re on a tight budget. Marc Jacob’s Daisy Dream Perfume which actually costs 94 dollars is listed here at a price of only $59.99.

That’s $34 less than the original price.

Sounds unbelievable right? However, this offer comes with a small catch. You will have to sign up using your email (which is free of cost) for viewing their latest deals. Well, it means that you’ll be greeted with their promotional emails on daily basis. However, it’s still worth it.

2. Hautelook

This is another example of pop-up sale website which works just like Rue La La. Hautelook regularly publish their fire sale offers on specific brands. These offers usually last a couple of days so it’s best to grab the opportunity as fast as you could. The discount rate would usually range anywhere from 50-75%. This website is an ideal option if you’re looking for an instant discount deal on makeup.

You have maybe heard about the expression called “flash sale“? Groupon was one of the first companies that ever did this and they have been highly successful. However, I would not use Groupon to buy cosmetics and beauty products. The only reason to visit Groupon these days is to get one of these local restaurant deals where they give you 75 % OFF on a steak and a glass of wine or something…

3. Glambot

It’s probably the only place where you can buy and even sell your unused or gently used makeup. Not only you can save hundreds of dollars on beauty products but you can also check out the user’s review and recommendations for that specific product.

But I have to say though: be very careful before you buy any “gently used makeup” products. There have been many examples of people sharing makeup and then ending up with a bacteria infection.

I just wanted to point out that there were websites out there where you can get a real discount on makeup products, but always think before you buy!


There are many similar discount beauty websites but I chose to list down the most popular and reliable options for you. You have to be careful though – there are so many people out there that wants to scam you and just earn a dollar on people that are a bit naive online. These things actually get worse and worse so you should only buy products from reliable websites that a lot of people say that you can trust.

If in doubt: do not buy!

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