An oval face is one of the easiest facial shapes to fit for eyewear. For instance, dark Carrera shades will look perfect for someone with an oval face, while thin Serengeti sunglasses will look only as good. If you have an oval face, it means that you will look good in a wide variety of sunglasses sizes and patterns.

People who have thin, triangle, heart-shaped, or square shape faces will need to work much harder to pick the proper sunglasses. For these people, deep shades may fit their face correctly, but smaller sizes may appear awkward. But even if you do have an oval face, there are some features to consider, irrespective of how varied the shape of your face is.

Start by making sure your face is oval. Take a protracted look in the mirror and compare the form to an image of someone who has a virtually oval face. To decide the shape around the jawline and sides of the top, pull back your hair so you can see your entire face. Take an image in the mirror while maintaining a comfortable and relaxed posture. Once you’ve the image visible on printed out, draw an oval shape, cut it out, and place it over the shape of your face. Determine if the lines and natural shape match up. If so, you can quickly be assured that you do certainly have an oval face. If not, perform some additional research online to determine your real face shape.

People with oval faces have to consider their hair style. If you have long hair that is fitted in the Centre, your face can appear rectangular, so you will need to observe the terms of square or oblong faces. If you frequently modify your hairstyle, you could need to change your sunglasses styles as well.
Listed below are eyewear’s (sunglasses) for people with oval face shapes:


Wraparounds sunglasses are characterized via semi-circular and smooth lenses that cover each of the eyes and a full portion of the face. The lens is usually placed in a plastic frame with a single plastic component for the nosepiece. This style looks awesome on anyone with an oval shaped face.


Wayfarers appear perfect considering square sunglasses frames with high temples and rounded edges are nicely suitable for an oval face shape. Since each of the shapes are very different, it provides a pleasant contrast.

Relatively, people with square faces should not wear wayfarers because it might give them an ordinary “square” appearance.

PS! You can have a look at the “Ray-Ban Wayfarer Guide” in this Youtube Video:



Aviator sunglasses have round frames and are perfect for people with both large and small faces. This sunglass was often worn by law enforcement, military personnel, and pilots before turning a familiar fashion with the general public. Aviator sunglasses started to become familiar to young people in the 1960s and have remained fashionable ever.

You might have seen “Top Gun” with a young Tom Cruise? That movie is nothing but a very long commercial for excellent aviator glasses. And yes – Tom Cruise does have sort of an oval face shape… 😉


When you have an oval shaped face, count yourself lucky. You have got a full style of sunglasses that will look gorgeous on you. Check out wraparound, wayfarer, or aviator styles, or go to a local sunglasses store and only try to see which style you like best.

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